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  • Sign up with your e-mail address and a password
  • Once in the system, complete your personal profile
 A two minute overview of the system
 Elements -     
 The Database is comprised of three elements:
  • Stories - Folktales, Fairytales, Personal Stories or any other type or genre
  • Venues - Places or Organizations
  • Events - Specific dates
Once you have entered stories and venues:
       - You create an event for a specific date
       - Connect the event to a venue
       - Then add stories to the event
 Add A Story -      
  • Click on ADD A STORY
  • The minimum you need to enter is a Title
  • You may want to also enter the LENGTH of the story and whether it is READY
  • Information can be added/edited at a later time
  • Click the SUBMIT button
 Add A Venue -     
 NOTE:  VENUES are PLACES (or organizations)
  • Click on ADD A VENUE
  • The minimum you need to enter is a NAME and then SUBMIT
 Add An Event -   
 NOTE: EVENTS are specific DATES
  • Click on ADD AN EVENT
    • Use the drop down list to select a VENUE (required)
    • Add a DATE (required) and any other information you want
    • Use the Drop Down list to add a story to the event
      • NOTE: Stories starting with "--" indicate ones that are "in progress" but may be added
      • The system will automatically update itself with the number of stories and the total time
    • Enter a number in the ORDER field and press ENTER to change the order of the stories
 Navigating the System - What, Where & When
You can easily track and view all events; what stories you have told, and where.
  • Click STORIES
    • This page shows all stories you have entered - groups them by READY or IN PROGESS and lists them alphabetically
    • Click on the menu HEADERS to sort by that column (toggles between descending and ascending)
    • Click on EDIT to edit the story
    • Click on WHERE to see what venues/events the story has been told at (or is planned)

  • Click VENUES
    • Click on a VENUE to see the the stories that have been told at that venue, and on what date

  • Click EVENTS
    • Shows a list of all events - use the FROM DATE & TO DATE to specify a range (press UPDATE
    • Also shows total amounts of fees INVOICED, PAID and DUE
    • Click on the menu HEADERS to sort by that column (toggles between descending and ascending